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Hot Politics Lab


We study the role of emotion, rhetoric and personality in politics.

The Hot Politics Lab is an interdisciplinary research group combining experiments, physiological measurement and automated text analysis to analyze the role of emotions, personality and language in politics. We analyze topics such as populism, persuasion and party strategies.

Principal Investigators: Gijs Schumacher, Matthijs Rooduijn , and Bert Bakker


Online Hot Politics Lab Meetings archive available!

From now on you can find all of our Online Hot Politics Lab Meetings archived on this website in video and audio formats. You can also find them on our Hot Politics Lab Youtube channel and the Hot Politics Lab Soundcloud! The videos and audio files are usually updated every Monday. You can

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First two guests for our online lab meetings confirmed

We are happy to announce that Michael Bang Petersen and Stuart Soroka will be our first two guests joining our new online lab meetings! On March 20th, 15:00 – 16:00, Michael Bang Petersen will talk about how democratic governments should mobilize their publics to defeat COVID-19. On March 27th, 15:00 – 16:00, Stuart

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Lab meetings moving online!

Because of the ongoing sitution, the Hot Politics Lab is moving its lab meetings online! We are currently still working out an online format, but we will be back soon with exciting talks and discussion!

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9th Dutch Political Psychology Meeting canceled

Due to the unfolding of events regarding Covid-19, we have decided to cancel the 9th Dutch Political Psychology meeting held March 13. We, as organizers, feel uncomfortable bringing together 50+ people into a room at this time. We will hold the next meeting in fall 2020.

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Podcast: Ideology and Biology

In the current episode of the political science podcast Stuk Rood Vlees, lab member Bert Bakker talks about the relationship between ideology and politics, and the importance of replication studies in the social sciences. Find the podcast episode here: http://stukroodvlees.nl/aflevering-59-ideologie-en-biologie-met-bert-bakker/ (in Dutch) Find the recent publication of lab members Bert Bakker and

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