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2nd Dutch Online Political Psychology Meeting

January 28 @ 4:00 pm 6:00 pm

Political Psychology in The Netherlands is very much alive and kicking. The semi-annual Political Psychology meetings structurally attract over 40 participants from virtually all universities in The Netherlands. The lively debates and the loyalty of these participants suggest that political psychology in the Netherlands is riding a wave of vibrancy and productivity.

In this context, there is limited attention to previous moments of momentum of political psychology in the country. Yet, these moments have been there. Approximately 30 years ago, a number of scholars became active contributors to the field and left their academic footprint on national and international debates. A close look at the publications that appeared at that time reveals considerable thematic similarities between then and now. The work of the contributors of “then” can be taken as benchmarks to assess the state of affairs in political psychology of “now”. A reflection on the “then” and the “now” provides guidance for meaningful future directions of political psychology in The Netherlands: Are we progressing as a field, or are we reinventing wheels and repeating the questions for which there is already an answer? Has there been true innovation? What has remained the same over the past decades? What has changed? And are these changes for the good or for the bad?

This symposium will bring together scholars that have been active for at least three decades in the field of political psychology with scholars that only recently made their appearance in academic political psychology. By comparing perspectives and experience from over thirty years of engagement with political psychology, we will address the aforementioned questions to use the past as a foundation to guide meaningful innovation of political psychology theory and practice in the future.

Program: 15:00 – 17:00: Reflections on the past and future of Political Psychology in the Netherlands

Moderated by Mark Dechesne (University of Leiden).


·        Henk Dekker (University of Leiden)

·        Bert Klandermans (VU University)

·        Christ’l de Landsheer (University of Antwerp)

·        Maarten van Bezouw (University of Amsterdam)

·        Laura Mulder (University of Amsterdam)

  • Sabine van Zuydam (University of Twente)

No registration is needed.

The session will be held online via zoom. You can join with this link: https://uva-live.zoom.us/j/81521726247 at 3 pm (CET).