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Bert Bakker, Gijs Schumacher & Maaike Homan (in-press). Yikes. Are we disgusted by politicians. Politics and Life Sciences.
Bakker, B.N., Lelkes, Y. & Malka (in press). Understanding partisan cue receptivity: Tests from predictions from the bounded rationality and expressive utility perspectives. The Journal of Politics.
Bert Bakker, Gijs Schumacher, Claire Gothreau & Kevin Arceneaux (2020). Conservatives and Liberals have Similar Physiological Responses to Threats. Nature Human Behaviour
Bakker, B.N., & De Vreese, C.H. (2016). Personality and European Union attitudes: Relationships across European Union attitude dimensions. European Union Politics 17(1): 25-45.

Rooduijn, Matthijs & Brian Burgoon (2018) The Paradox of Wellbeing: Do Unfavorable Socioeconomic and Sociocultural Contexts Deepen or Dampen Radical Left and Right Voting Among the Less Well-Off? Comparative Political Studies 51(13): 1720-1753.
Bert Bakker & Yphtach Lelkes (2018). Selling Ourselves Short? How Abbreviated Measures of Personality Change the Way We Think about Personality and Politics. Journal of Politics, 80, 4.

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Rooduijn, Matthijs, Brian Burgoon, Erika van Elsas & Herman van de Werfhorst (2017) Radical Distinction: Support for Radical Left and Radical Right Parties in Europe. European Union Politics 18(4): 536-559.
Bert Bakker, Matthijs Rooduijn, & Gijs Schumacher (2016). The Psychological Roots of Populist Voting: Evidence from the United States, the Netherlands and Germany. European Journal of Political Research, 55, 2.

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Bakker, B.N. (2016). Personality traits, income and economic ideology. Political Psychology.

Bert Bakker, Robert Klemmensen, Asbjørn Nørgaard & Gijs Schumacher (2016). Stay Loyal or Exit the Party? How Openness to Experience and Extraversion Explain Vote Switching. Political Psychology, 37, 3.

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Gijs Schumacher & Matthijs Rooduijn (2013). Sympathy for the 'Devil'? Voting for Populists in the 2006 and 2010 Dutch General Elections. Electoral Studies, 32, 1.

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Bakker, B.N., Hopmann, D.N., & Persson, M. (2015). Personality traits and party identification over time. European Journal of Political Research 54(2), 197-215.