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Politicians communicate their policy positions, but also stories about their personal lives and their perspective on the world. In doing so, what they will say and how they will say it? How much emotion will they put in their words? How complicated will they make their sentences? By doing this politicians reveal something of their personality. In the Hot Politics Lab, we analyze all preceding questions, and aim to develop a model

that predicts what politicians will say (topic, position) and how they will say this. Are politicians strategic and will they tailor their messages to public opinion, or are politicians unable to adapt, and does personality explain their communication? We will find out.

You will find some of our preliminary findings in the publications, working papers and blogs mentioned below.

work in progress

*A paper reviewing text analysis, bridging political science and psychology approaches and critically evaluating some of our assumptions (with Martijn Schoonvelde and Bert Bakker).

For additional information: Open Science Framework

*A paper analyzing the complexity of speeches of politicians (with Martijn Schoonvelde, Anna Brosius and Bert Bakker).


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Gijs Schumacher & Nathalie Giger (2017). Do leadership-dominated parties change more? Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties.

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Christian Elmelund-Præstekær & Gijs Schumacher (2014). Én for alle og alle for én? Mønstre i og effekter af partiintern uenighed blandt folketingskandidaterne ved 2011-valget. Politica, 46, 3.

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Gijs Schumacher, Catherine de Vries & Barbara Vis (2013). Why do Parties change Position? Party organization and environmental incentives. Journal of Politics, 75, 2.

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Gijs Schumacher, Martijn Schoonvelde, Denise Traber, Tanushree Dahiya, and Erik de Vries (2016). EUSpeech: A New Dataset of EU Elite Speeches. In Proceedings of the International Conference on the Advances in Computational Analysis of Political Text (PolText 2016), Dubrovnik, 75–80.



Gijs Schumacher, Martijn Schoonvelde, Tanushree Dahiya, and Erik de Vries. (2016). EUSpeech. A Dataset of EU Elite Speeches 2007-2015. Version 2.0.




Gijs Schumacher was awarded with an ERC Starting Grant for his project, POLEMIC. This will be conducted in the Hot Politics Lab.

02. The Mobile Lab

The Dutch National Science Organization awarded us the NWO Medium Investment Grant to build a Mobile Lab for physiological research.

03. Hot Politics @ Lowlands

For three days the Hot Politics Lab measured physiological responses to political propaganda at the Netherlands’ largest music festival- Lowlands.

04. Onderbuik Project

An Evangelical rock festival, a biking event, the largest fair in the Netherlands, the Hot Politics Lab was there to conduct more lab in the field studies.