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Mobile Lab


The Mobile Lab is a state-of-the-art physiology lab that is packed in a suitcase. And it is available for all social science researchers at Dutch universities.

You can take The Mobile Lab to any location and start collecting data. With the equipment you can measure skin conductance, facial electromyography, heart rate and you can track eye-movements. We also have supplementary equipment that you might need such as ipads, tables, tents and chairs.

The Mobile Lab was established with funding from the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO, Investment Grant Medium) and the University of Amsterdam. Here we explain in more detail what equipment is in the Mobile Lab.


1. 2 complete Biopac MP160 systems with eye-tracking intergration

We have 2 Biopac MP160 systems that can measure skin conductance: electromyography, heart rate, and heart rate variability, while at the same time tracking eye movements. Moreover, it is possible to collect EEG with the MP160. The mini screen-based remote eye tracking (120HZ) bar provides, among other things, gaze position, dwell time, blink rate, and pupil size.

2. 20 movisens EDA sensors

The Movisense Eda4 Move allows us to collect skin conductance levels while participants can move around freely. We have a total of 20 sensors, which allow us to follow 20 people at the same time.

3. 10 iPads

To collect survey responses among larger groups of people at events. We have 10 iPads (10.2 with 128 GB and wifi) with hardcovers that can be used to collect survey responses.

4. Equipment to set-up the LAB

The Mobile Lab also has all the equipment to set up your lab at festivals, such as tents (3×6 and 4×4), tables (#2), chairs (#8), and a power generator (#1).

Do you want to use the Mobile Lab?

The Mobile Lab can be used by researchers affiliated with Dutch universities. Please contact Bert Bakker ( if you want to make use of this equipment. Do note the disclaimers and things to take care of:

1. Make sure you have ethical approval from the ethical review board of your institution.

2. Arrange insurance so that the equipment you borrow is insured against theft and accidents.

3. The Mobile Lab only offers the hardware. Researchers are required to order their own disposable equipment that they need to operate the Mobile Lab (gel, electrodes).

4. The Mobile Lab can only be used by researchers pursuing a PhD or with a PhD. Bachelor and Master students cannot use the Mobile Lab. 

5. Researchers affiliated with the FMG-LAB can make use of the support staff from the UvA to help set-up a study. Researchers not affiliated with the FMG-LAB cannot make use of this service.