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“OnderbuikNL” [Translated: Underbelly Netherlands] was a follow-up study of Hot Politics Lab @ Lowlands. To increase the diversity of our population, we conducted lab in the field study at very different types of events: TT Assen (a biking event), EO Jongerendag (an Evangelical rock festival), the Media Museum, and the fair in Tilburg. Again, we exposed participants to different political messages about topics such as immigration, EU, environment, and the establishment. 

During the experiment, we measured heartbeat, skin conductance, and facial electromyography. OnderbuikNL received financial support for the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO) and logistical support from ‘De Kennis van Nu’ (a TV-show on NTR, a Dutch public-service broadcaster). The latter also produced a documentary about OnderbuikNL and our research in general. 

To watch the documentary, click here. 

Images of OnderbuikNL