Project Oerol

Humans are wired for prejudice: it can be related to race, sex, religion or culture. Prejudice is a persistent barrier to building a more inclusive society. How can prejudice be reduced? Project Oerol is a large-scale arts-science collaboration between researchers and artists, which aims to confront the public with their prejudice through live theater and (pre registered) interventions. Our project analyzes the prejudice-reducing power of arts-based narrative interventions. 

Start of the project

We started project Oerol in 2022.

Goal of the project

Through collaboration with artists like actors, writers, and musicians, we investigate which narratives can reduce prejudice in which ways. This is an important question in times in which polarization is on the rise.

Current status

Oerol is an ongoing research project.

Researchers on this project

Assistents on the project: Debby Gerritsen, Maaike Homan, Chistian Pipal, Isabella Rebasso, Diamantis Petropoulos Petalas, Ruby Dunkes and Nayantara Ranganatha.

Bert Bakker
Asssociate Professor for Good Research Practices at the University of Amsterdam

Matthijs Rooduijn
Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam

Gijs Schumacher
Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam

Publications on project Oerol

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