May 7, 2018

Presentation OnderbuikNL Results

Is politics hot? Do politicians evoke physiological responses? We will present the first findings from our OnderbuikNL project on May 8th at Spui25 (20.00-21.30). We will show which physiological responses people have to political ads they agree or disagree with. And whether left-wing and right-wing people have different physiological responses to negative political stimuli. Also, we will reveal who experiences physiological arousal when exposed to a picture of Geert Wilders.

We will also share some of our fun and not-so fun experiences with putting a (physiological) lab in the field.



Gijs Schumacher was awarded with an ERC Starting Grant for his project, POLEMIC. This will be conducted in the Hot Politics Lab.

02. The Mobile Lab

The Dutch National Science Organization awarded us the NWO Medium Investment Grant Build a Mobile Lab for physiological research.

03. Hot Politics @ Lowlands

For three days the Hot Politics Lab measured physiological responses to political propaganda at the Netherlands’ largest music festival- Lowlands.

04. Onderbuik Project

An Evangelical rock festival, a biking event, the largest fair in the Netherlands, the Hot Politics Lab was there to conduct more lab in the field studies.